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Nurseries & Playgroups

Nurseries and Playgroups

We have been photographing children at local private nurseries and playgroups for over 20 years. The very fact that these nurseries keep booking us year after year means that they ( and the parents ! ) must be happy with our work, our prices, the patience we have and how we engage with their children.

You cannot ask a baby or young child to smile, all you will get is, at best, is a forced, screwed up grimace type face which looks terrible.

You need to get natural expressions, and to get these you need to quickly gain the child’s trust, plus they need to be ‘entertained’ whether this is by making a silly noise or using a prop that they are comfortable with, anything to get a reaction from the child, and when you get this , that is when you take the photograph.

Parents get a proof set of 4 different poses, and from these we offer a range of different combinations of photographs that they can buy. They could buy a number of photographs from just one of the poses, or a selection of all the photos taken, or even just buying all the images as digital full resolution copies that can then be printed in whatever size and quantity required at any high street processors. We also offer things like key rings, photographs on canvas, framed photographs and montages.

For safety reasons we have not included a gallery of our work of children at nurseries and playgroups but if you are a nursery owner or manager and are looking for more information about the range of packages that we offer and our commission rates then please contact us and we will be more than happy to bring samples for you to look at.