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Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Our wedding videography will make your wedding come to life. It can tell the story of your wedding more vividly than any collection of ‘still’ frozen photographs can ever do.

How people are inter-reacting, sharing a joke, telling a story, or just catching up, there are moments and expressions  that a video can capture that still photographs simply cannot.

And as we mainly work unobtrusively, people react genuinely and naturally with each other and the interactions that they have are the moments that we capture and are the ones that will bring a smile to your face and maybe a tear to your eye.

We don’t have a complicated pricing structure for our wedding videography, just 2 different coverage’s to choose from but you can always tweek these further if you wish to suit your own circumstances.

Our ‘Standard’ coverage starts with the Bridal Preparations, the hair, the make up, the nerves and the giggles, continues all the way through the ceremony, moves onto the reception and then ends after the speeches have finished.

The ‘Enhanced’ coverage includes all of the above but finishes around 15 minutes after the start of the First Dance, plus if you are having fireworks I will cover them aswell as part of this package.

The whole wedding is filmed and edited in HD quality and where music is added this is CD quality.

After editing you will then get 4 different films of your wedding.

1. A fully edited film of the complete wedding, set to your own music

2. A special short ‘highlights’ film, set to music

3. A film of just the ceremony in full

4. A film of just the speeches in full

All the films are then supplied on a USB in a quality presentation box

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